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Hi I’m Steen. I’m a Danish studio/live guitarist, and an electronics engineer.

I have done something different in my quest for the perfect tone. I cleared the breadboard and started from scratch. I isolated every single component, played and listened, tuned and tweaked, until I had a clear picture of how different transistors like JFETs, MOSFETs, BJTs, and a handful of classic op-amps and diodes, amplified and colored the guitar signal. This knowledge was then transferred into a brand new design built step by step – I call it TrueOverDrive™.

It is built WITHOUT diode-clipping, contrary to the diode clipping designs that are in MOST overdrive pedals out there. By only using cascaded gain-stages from input to output, it sounds and feels like a real tube-amp overdriving the signal. This gives a huge amount of transparency, lots of sustain and makes it possible to hear your beloved amp, guitar and even pick-up setting through the drive, even at high gain! Please don’t take my word for it – try it out for yourself. Have fun!

Steen Grøntved - Founder and Inventor of LunaStone



Get ready for launch! The Three Stage Rocket is a foot-controllable energy bundle waiting to unleash its power! The drive is built around the Big Fella, part of the Lunastone TrueOverDrive™ pedal family.

Three Stage Rocket is a signature overdrive for the Danish guitarist Søren Andersen,developed in a collaboration between LunaStone and Søren.

WISE GUY - TrueOverDrive™

The Wise Guy is LunaStone's classic overdrive. It has a rich mid-range tube-like overdrive, huge dynamics, and tons of sustain. It also has an independent 15db boost circuit perfect for soloing or to kick your amp. The sound is known from the 60-70's but has a lot more gain to offer. It sounds amazing when it blends with your tube amp at high volume.

BIG FELLA - TrueOverDrive™

Big Fella is HUGE, it's FAT and FULL of power.

This is the modern rock tone for you. Big Fella's got a huge tight low end a thick body combined with lots of transparent drive and sustain. Big Fella can play Rock with a capital R. The two overdrive settings gives it a range from low gain/moderate overdrive to an overdrive that sounds like a high gain amp that is cranked all the way up. If you want overdrive that goes from moderate to mean Big Fella is your friend.

Built in extra +15dB channel for soloing or to kick your amp and true bypass ofcause.


The manufacturer of LunaStone effects offers a two year warranty to the original owner with proof of purchase. The manufacturer of LunaStone effects warrants the manufacturing, material and proper operation of our products for a period of two year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer of LunaStone effects will replace defective parts, make necessary repairs or replace the unit at the discretion of our technicians. The warranty applies only to the original owner and purchaser of a LunaStone product, and excludes any damage or faulty operations due to neglect, misuse, modifications or unauthorized service/repair.


The manufacturer of LunaStone effects is not responsible for injuries incurred while using our products or any damages to other items related or non related to the use of our products


LunaStone™ and TrueOverDrive™ are invented by me, Steen Grøntved and produced by me and a handful of handpicked engineers here in Denmark. LunaStone™ is located in Valby/Copenhagen just a few miles south of the Little Mermaid.

Design philosophy

The LunaStone™ pedals are designed with both an engineer’s skillset and musician’s heart. We spend all the time required on each product until it sounds better than anything else we can find on the market!

Differences between the Wise Guy, Big Fella and Three Stage Rocket

Although these are "siblings", they differ greatly in the character of the overdrive they produce and in the way their tone is shaped. The Wise Guy has a mid-tone-voiced, very classic overdrive sound as known from the 60’s-70's but has a lot more gain to offer. The Big Fella has a huge low-end and a thick body combined with a massively smooth and a transparent drive. The Three Stage Rocket is the Big Fella on steroids and with more flexibility. All pedals have plenty of gain, tons of sustain and are transparent even on high gain setting.

LunaStone's opinion on True Bypass

Buffered pedals versus True Bypass is almost a religious subject nowadays. In MY guitar setup, I would like to be able to choose/un-choose all physical components that my guitar signal is going through. I would put a buffer in that I like IF it is needed. I have talked to several guitarists that put in more buffers in their pedal-chain to try to make up for what they think is lost signal. In most cases, this is not the problem. If you already have a couple of effects with built-in buffers in your chain, your signal IS buffered pretty well. However, there is a good chance that your signal is "colored" by the buffers in the signal chain, standalone or in combination. And even though a buffer is designed to amplify one-to-one, this ratio may not be realized due to differences of the transistors, resistors, and capacitors – especially if the products are mass-produced and not individually calibrated. These are the reasons why ALL LunaStone™ products have True Bypass!

TrueOverDrive™ - Now what the heck is that?

There are basically three terminologies that are used to describe distorting guitar effects; distortion, fuzz, and overdrive. Over the years these names have been mixed together. For most manufacturers, categorizing is more a matter of taste and what the manufacturers think they sound like rather than the actual physical differences in the electronic circuits. Essentially, “distortion” covers everything that distorts a signal, whereas “overdrive” relates to overdriving some amp circuits, pushing too much signal on the input according to what the amp is designed to be able to amplify. Most distortion and overdrive guitar effects on the market today use clipping diodes to help and contribute with the distorting effect of the guitar signal. Wise Guy, Big Fella and Three Stage Rocket use a technique that have NO clipping diodes in the signal chain. All the overdrive comes from cascading gain stages only, much like in a real tube amplifier – this is what I call TrueOverDrive™. This gives a very transparent and tube-like sound with lots of sustain and body. Many will categorize this as the sound of a hot-rodded Fender amp or a Marshall Plexi Head playing very loud.


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